The most important part of knowledge

Ajedrez Gigante 4

I love chess – it is interesting to see how I have come to this place in my relationship with the game because from the age of 10 until 21 it was a game that involved an abusive relationship with my father.  Once married and on my own, I did not touch the game again until I came into a serious relationship with my call to ministry in fund-raising.  I saw this game as a clear analogy of how fund development worked.  It helped as well to bridge gaps in my discipleship of new followers of Jesus – over a great game you can bring in a lot of conversation. So I built my philosophy on this game and started to play it once again for fun and am fully enjoying it.  The key – understand that learning is always happening – however, you have to know the basics.  If you do not know the basics very, very well – you cannot play the game with your full potential.

The same is found in our relationship with God.  If you do not know the basics – the most important part of knowing God – you will find your relationship with Him stagnant no matter how hard you try.  The most important basic part of knowing God is having reverence for Him.  Those who are lost have no respect for wisdom and refuse to learn.

Even though I grew up in an abusive environment, I still paid attention to what my father and mother have told me.  Regardless of the conversation being right or wrong, their teaching helped shape and improve my character.




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Bible verses about wisdom



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