Wisdom is calling


Just look at the systems our world has put together.  My father-in-law and the privilege of creating many of the streets in Richmond Hill that people drive on today, including Yonge Street.  He could tell stories about what needs to go under the street and why and the intricacies of sewers, electricity, waterworks etc.  It’s all around us – some of it we see in our streets, our marketplaces, wherever people are gathered together.  Wisdom as a concept rooted in the reality that choices have consequences. Even refusing to choose is a choice. A part of wisdom is all about learning to make good choices. Good choices can be learned by observing of the outcomes of people’s choices.

As God speaks in the context of the city, He is even more clear in creation.  That is why it is always good to take a walk into the midst of nature – the voice of wisdom is much clearer there, you sense a presence that you have somehow missed in the city most likely because it is pure and simple.

I know I am not talking about animism where we believe natural things have spiritual elements, but I am talking about the reality of us making fun of a Creator, whom we mimic in so many ways and yet we never want to learn of His existence and presence even though it is all around us no matter where we go.

More importantly, God invites us to not only understand that He exists, more foolish to deny than except with the proof all around us, but to call on Him and ask Him for advice.  When we do, He promises to share His knowledge with us.  Quite possibly no other person has credited God with his accomplishments more than George Washington Carver —

Carver did not patent or profit from most of his products. He freely gave his discoveries to mankind. Most important was the fact that he changed the South from being a one-crop land of cotton, to being multi-crop farmlands, with farmers having hundreds of profitable uses for their new crops. “God gave them to me” he would say about his ideas, “How can I sell them to someone else?” In 1940, Carver donated his life savings to the establishment of the Carver Research Foundation at Tuskegee, for continuing research in agriculture.

In my walk with God, there is one more thing I do and it’s not fun going through it but the results are purifying.  I invite God to search my heart and see what kind of sin has found a home there that needs to be taken care of.  It is amazing how easy pride finds a nook. It is my worse enemy and it creeps in so easily.

Jesus is our voice of wisdom.  We can only pray that we are listening when He calls and we can only pray that if that call comes through suffering that we accept it as much as if it came through generosity.  They all connect us back to Him.





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