Wisdom’s invitation


When we talk about the voice of wisdom calling out to us, either in the marketplace or in nature, and now we are talking about not just calling our name, but actually words of invitation to come, some of us are saying that we have never heard this call or this invitation.

That is our problem today.  What are we listening too?  When I think what distracts me I can say that there is nothing distracting me and then when I really think about it,  I realize that I’m distracted by noise.  In fact, unless I purposefully plan for it, my life does not have quiet.  It is in the quiet that we hear wisdom calling and inviting.

So what happens when we go along with our noisy lives and wisdom keeps calling and inviting and we keep ‘not hearing’ her voice?  First of all, if wisdom is calling and inviting us to a conversation – most likely that is because we need a correction in the path we have chosen to journey on.  Not getting briefed on that, we find ourselves in trouble.

Trouble I think we can handle – so we are not too worried, right?  Problem is, since when is life just about trouble.  Life is about fears and storms and they bring pain and misery.  Then we really want to get quiet and we really want to hear wisdom’s voice and yet all along we never had use of it before and now we do not know where to find it or what it sounds like.  Now we cannot find wisdom no matter how hard we try.  It’s wisdom who calls us – we do not call wisdom – that is what wisdom is all about, an invitation to come.






Wisdom’s Invitation

Lady Wisdom’s Invitation

Wisdom’s Invitation

“Listen to Wisdom’s Invitation”

An Invitation for True Knowledge and Wisdom



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