Source of wisdom


While we have come to understand that the beginning of wisdom is reverence for God and we have learned that wisdom comes from a relationship with God, we still have not defined what that relationship does for us.

When it comes to our relationship with God, He asks us to come to the relationship with the basic understanding of He being the distributor of wisdom and that from Him comes knowledge and understanding.  In addition, He provides help and protection for those who want to live right, treat others fairly and are devoted to Him.

If we listen to God we will know what is right, just and fair, becoming wise and finding that our knowledge will give us pleasure. So, in fact, our insight and understanding that is God-given will actually be doing the protecting and the preventing.  They will keep us away from the very people who stir up trouble with what they say.





The Source of Wisdom – Mark Wasson

The Only Source of Wisdom

The Source of Wisdom

The Source of All Wisdom

Knowing God: The Source of Wisdom

The Source of True Wisdom

The Nature and Source of True Wisdom



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