Wisdom enables us to resist


Following the steps that lead to wisdom, stop you from following the steps that lead to death.  Think of each temptation as a seductive call into the very core of your sin nature that desires pleasure for oneself above everything else.  By walking towards wisdom, the call is still there but has no allure – you see it for what it really is – a pit.  However, take one step away from wisdom or one step toward the seductive call and that signals your inability to further resist.  Each step away from wisdom is one step more where you cannot resist.  Some say that once this decision to walk away from God is made that one can never return.  I have seen some return, for once they saw the pit, they turned and ran back to the throne of God seeking mercy.  Those of us who want to live right, people of integrity, will have firm roots that is for sure, but those that turn their back on God will be snatched away like plants from the ground.




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