Son – do not forget


With all the advice out there on how to raise your children, what are parents to do.  Today I see them doing it ‘intuitively’ and I am not sure how one measures that until its probably too late.  My wife and I read 52 books in our first three years of marriage before our son came into the world.  That was to prepare us for marriage as well as his birth.  I still have those books on the shelf.  So far I have only given him one of those books and he has asked for none.

I can remember, at 14 years old, we were living with a kind and gracious family who took us in for a few months until my dad found a job.  She was proud of me when she saw me taking notes every Sunday and knew that this was pretty serious for me.  She bought me a book from David Wilkerson, A Rebel with a Cause.  I still have it and inscribed on the inside she wrote the verses found in Proverbs 3:1-6.  I remember how I felt when the opening line started with – Son.  I made a decision that I would be a rebel for Jesus and I would follow the instructions that were given to me.

Those same instructions were my guiding principles in raising my son.  Teaching became show and tell.  I would obey God and my son would watch.  My son would watch my life and even though we were never even close to being rich, he saw us living a ‘prosperous’ life and I cannot begin to tell you what that means – it would just take too long.  He saw me never, and you know how dysfunctional that word can be, never let go of loyalty and faithfulness in my service to my Lord.  He saw them tied around my neck and written on my heart.  To separate me from God, one would have to kill me.  He saw me trust God with all my heart and he saw what it meant to not rely on human wisdom alone but to hear God’s voice giving discernment and instruction along the way.

My son, now that you are married for almost six months, I pray that you remember the Lord in everything you do — He will show you the right way.




Proverbs (Listen My Son)

Do Not Forget My Law




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