Do not think you are wiser than you are


Is it possible to give ourselves an ultimatum to ‘never’ let ourselves think that we are wiser than we really are.  If we can instead commit to ‘always’ obeying God and refusing to do what is wrong I think we would experience more healing of our wounds and relief from some of our pains.

This war between good and evil is raging in all of us.  David Wilkerson shared this comment from a minister who was exposed for adultery – he confessed: “My evil nature held a strange charm over me. It made me chase false dreams that I knew would fade away. It kept me chained to a lust that finally destroyed me. It forced me into compromises that weakened me. Its promises of true love ended up only as a mirage. And, even though I knew I would keep on getting hurt, I followed the dictates of my evil mind like an obedient slave.”

The battle is hard enough to obey without thinking that we are all that and more.  The camouflage of arrogance is the open door that invites us in the struggle against obeying God.  It is the replay of the Garden of Eden all over again – unfortunately there are too many re-runs, re-mixed, that we do not notice our own Garden of Eden episodes in our lives.

It is the ‘standing’ that allows us to experiencing the healing.  The healing comes when we look past ourselves into the lives of others and the call and purpose of God in ours.  That ‘simple’ solution was not a solution at all – it was a call to destruction and as in the Garden of Eden, death.  In Christ there is life and not just life, life to its fullest.





Who Do You Think You Are?



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