Giving the best


I heard this very early in my life and somehow it became part of who I am – honouring God by making sure I offer the best I have.  Some people talk about time, talents and gifts to somehow be able to come to the understanding that this has nothing to do with money.  I can tell you it has everything to do with money.  Time, talents and gifts have everything to do with works and are fruits of your salvation, but money was the very issue between Cain and Abel and money is still the issue today.  Why do we want out of this – what is it about money that we cannot give?

Today, the world has bought into giving.  The world understands that giving opens a portal where a gift is able to come back to the giver.  It has nothing to do with give to get, and everything to do with giving opens a door of blessing.  It is the fulfillment of a spiritual law that affects everyone.

In fact, God says when we give to Him our best, He will make sure we never go hungry, He will bless the work of our hands by which we make a living, and He will make sure our home is big enough to handle it all.

However, it is not just giving.  The intent is the joy of giving and the spirit of giving the best is our act of worship.  Our best is what we have to give.




Giving Is The Best Communication (High Res) – Touching Story of Dr Prajak Arunthong

5 ways giving is good for your health



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