Corrections are warnings


I took this slide from a classroom management presentation.  I have used a plan too when it came to dismissing staff for ineffectiveness.  So when I look at my relationship with God, what kind of correction advice does He give me to warn me that I am exhibiting inappropriate and ineffective behaviour?

First thing I need to know is that if I am being corrected, I best be paying close attention.  Secondly, because God loves me, expect to be corrected.

I think that is what our conscience is all about, or that still small voice of the Holy Spirit – they are our inner workings and beings that guide and teach us.  They usual precipitate the red light/green light and when those warnings go unheeded, then the big guns come out.  Is it bad to say that even death could be one of the outcomes of correction that were set up as warnings that went unheeded?  Remember the story of the rich fool – do those two thoughts connect? What about the prophet who needed to leave town, did not, and then was killed by a lion as he left the next day?  Even the 52 kids who died because they made fun of Elisha make for some drastic endings for those that did not pay attention to corrections as warnings.  I am sure Balaam is more than enough for most of us as someone who was given many chances to get the corrections right and heed them as warnings.

Praying that we catch the corrections as warnings and make the necessary adjustments.  Grace and peace to us all.






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