Hold on to wisdom and insight

Hold on to wisdom and insight

Having God in our lives gives us life.  I am not sure what we are thinking when we walk away from Him from time to time.  I have missed a couple of days with Him in quiet time and you can feel it.  Walking with Him is what gives me a pleasant and happy life.  You can feel safe all the time and you do not even have to think about stumbling.

My dentist one day shared a story my teeth were telling her.  She told me that I had a 100% percent overbite.  She has been waiting for markings to appear on my teeth to show her that it was time for correction.  She said that after 5 years of waiting she has to admit that when I go to bed at night, I must go in perfect peace, because there should be grinding marks and there are absolutely none.

Even in the midst of storms, I know God will keep me safe and He will not allow me to fall into a trap.





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