Do good to those who need it

do good to those who need it

It is a thought filled with incredible purpose – when you possibly can, do good to those who need it.  Sometimes procrastination is a legitimate response to a trivial task.  But because love is what matters most, it takes top priority.

What does that look like?

If your neighbour asks you for help, don’t tell them to wait until tomorrow, if you can help them now.  It helps to understand that to acquire friends we need to show ourselves to be friendly.  So do not plan anything that will hurt your neighbour – they live beside you, trusting you.  Nothing shows more maturity in Christ than when a person cares so deeply about others that they refrain from saying something or doing something because of the well-being of someone else.

Don’t argue with someone for no reason when they have never done you any harm.  If you have any ill-feelings towards someone or something, you will argue about it.

We cannot be jealous of those who strive violently to succeed and you may be tempted to act like them, but God hates those who do evil but He takes those who decide to follow Him into His confidence.  Jealousy is a term which conveys “earnest wish.” It can be a good want or a bad want. In our text, the desire is bad. We might define jealousy here as “a sadness or sorrow on my part, due to the success of another.” Jealousy causes me pain when someone else feels pleasure. It is the kind of feeling a person feels when his or her competitor ‘wins’.




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