It makes no difference how we actually ‘see’ this – but the Lord does curse the homes of those who have rejected Him and He does bless the homes of those who follow Him.  In fact, Deuteronomy 28:15-68 pronounces many curses upon the Jews if they fail to obey God’s commandments.  God’s promise of blessing upon Israel is conditioned upon their obedience to the Word of God.

We know God is not a respecter of persons – but He has no use for conceited people and will show favour to those who are humble.  The service of Christ in the ministry of the gospel is not without its reward. It has its reward, not only in prospect, after it is finished, but by the way, in the life which now is. Our work brings us in contact with Divine truth, which grows upon us in interest and delight, so that we are overmastered by its power and glory. This truth raises the soul above itself on the wings of faith and hope, and makes us heavenly minded, which is life and peace. There is a satisfaction growing out of the nature of our work, so that the labour itself is its own exceeding great reward. Our work, again, brings us into a loving sympathy with the Man of Sorrows. The gospel we preach began first to be preached by the Lord Himself. And as He was grieved at the unbelief and hardness of heart of those who heard Him, as He wept over Jerusalem, so does every faithful minister of Christ mourn over those who obey not the gospel and neglect its great salvation.

If we are going to have a reputation of some kind, we know that wisdom will gain us an honourable one and for those who act foolishly, they will continue to add to their own disgrace.  And there are also four good habits which a wise and good man earnestly recommended to the young, and they are — punctuality, accuracy, stability, and efficiency. For without the first, you will surely waste not only your own time but that of others; without the second, you will make mistakes which will be injurious to your own credit and interest, and that of others committed to your charge; without the third, you cannot do anything correctly; and without the fourth, you will lose many opportunities for advancement which can never be regained.







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