What did your father teach you?


I think too many of us missed the point – we criticized our fathers for not practicing what they preached but in fact we made the decision to not take their preaching as valid teaching regardless whether they were practiced or not.

In our weekly Bible Study group, no one could accept the fact that we could call God the Father – Daddy.  Too much emotional pain.  I think that speaks a lot of why society struggles with God as Father to begin with and one denomination as gone so far as to call God, Mother.

With all that against father’s what am I doing here.  A quick look into my childhood brings back one important fact – as miserable as it was, as dysfunctional as it was and as emotional, intellectually and physically abusive as it was – I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Why?  Look at me – a healed, functioning, married with two amazing grown children – made in the image of God.

My dad would make me write the entire etiquette section of the encyclopedia when I strayed too far from my manners.  My etiquette has provided me with more open doors than anyone can imagine.  My father made me study first and play later and my education has opened more doors for me than anyone can imagine.  My father made me play chess, three games a day, for 12 years and now I relish the relationships that have grown over the game.  I would do it all over again to grow up to be the man my father had an important part to play in.

So instead of doing what he did, I did as he told me and I lived.  Through it all I gained wisdom and insight and I found that she protected me – I loved her and she kept me safe.




Thumper, What Did Your Father Tell You?

Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

What did your dad teach you?




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