Wisdom is a stop sign

wisdom is a stop sign

A kind reminder that it is far easier to hurt back – it is wisdom that pulls out the stop sign and gives us a moment to pray, discern and ask God to take part in our next move.  For some of us that means not only stopping, but running away from that temptation.  Some of us are good at hurting back, some of us are quite proud of our ability to make life full of more pressure points for the one who crossed our path.  Stopping is how we arrest ourselves in the first place, it’s the spot where we invite God to take part and we realized that we are not like everyone else.

Only once in my life did I meet a declared follower of Jesus who had the reputation of being hurtful.  It was almost like he could not sleep unless he had done something to hurt another person.  His early morning hours or his late evening hours were no different from his waking moments in the day – the hurt could come from any direction.  Is it even fair to say that these moments were like food and drink for him?

That road without stop signs is dark as night.  If we travel on it we will not only fall, but we will not be able to see what we have stumbled over.

After 16 years of hating my dad, then receiving the gift of love from God for him – for the first time I came to understand why he had to hurt and where his hurt was coming from.  What a great stop sign for me – it set me free.




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2 thoughts on “Wisdom is a stop sign

  1. I read a really good book called “Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers” by Leslie Leyland Fields, and it helped me to see an offender’s side, where I had only been focusing on how I felt as the offended. It never gave approval for their actions or inaction, but it did help me to see their limitations. (Some of this was generations in the making.) This new perspective did help me to have greater compassion, helped to soften my heart toward forgiveness.

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