Pay attention and listen


Who really wants to pay attention and listen?  My Thursday night bible study showed some signs that really intrigued me.  We are talking about prayer and what happens before the amen.  Some were trying to challenge others to expect an adventure – I decided to say that if it is an adventure you want, try listening after you have done talking.  Well, one reaction in particular by one of the senior members suggested that God does not talk to us anymore except through His written word, other people and experiences that we encounter.  Interesting to note in my journal that all mention of God talking and someone listening recorded in Scripture now have to be erased as not valid expressions of truth – take them more as metaphors, parables, extensions of connecting dots .. etc.

Back to my question – who really wants to pay attention and listen to what God has to say?  Who wants to hear what He has to say and keep those things in their heart?  Who wants life and health?

Do we know that we have to be careful what we think – our lives are shaped by our thoughts.  Why are we so afraid of the truth.  Why do we resort to lies and misleading words?  Why are they are first option?  It’s because we are not looking straight ahead.  We have done things that have taken away our honest confidence – we have hung our head in shame.

We know that if we planned carefully what we would do – whatever we did would turn out right.  If we planned to avoid evil and walked the straight and narrow – straight ahead – we would not go one step off the right way.

Today could be the first day that we pay attention and listen to what God has to say – who else has the words of life?











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