Being faithful

being faithful

Marriage is hard work.  My wife and I have been married for 30 years and this morning I woke up dreaming of her smell and her touch.  Amazing how much hard work ends up with so much love.

The journey of marriage is one where we learn to love only one.  It is a perfect illustration of how we must love God – He can only be the one.

To leave the one we love for another we think we love produces children that will do you us no good.  Only your children will be there to help you when they grow up.

Guys, sometimes it requires a decision to be happy with our wife and find our joy with the young woman we married – pretty and graceful.  Allow the decision to move to emotion when you remember her charms that always made you happy and when her love surrounded you.  Why should you give that kind of love to another woman?

What keeps me on the straight and narrow is simply knowing that the Lord is watching everything I do – wherever I go, He is watching.






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