No self-control


This is where sin becomes the trap – we get caught in the net of our own sin.  Death does not come to us any other way.  I am afraid that when people see lack of self-control they no longer think highly of you.

We all know this and that is why there is so much shame out there for those of us who eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much and take too many drugs.  Imagine how the divorced person, the angry person, the crying person, and the giggling person or the sexual perverted feel when they know people are looking at them with that label right on their forehead.  From silly to gross – our lack of self-control does not give off the impression that you are wise, but rather stupid.

God forgives as far as the east is from the west, but unfortunately, us humans will make you go to your grave remembering.  If you can actually forget, no worries, we will help you remember.





No Self Control

Self-Control and the Power of Christ




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