Learning a lesson from the ant


Maybe the ant isn’t so wise – what if the ant does not have a social life at all because it works too much.  How wise can that be when your only relationship you have is while you work.  Of course that kind of thinking just makes me feel better picking on something who is smaller than I am.

When I think about my life here is what I see.  I see myself working and earning a decent wage.  From time to time I work an odd evening or an odd weekend.  Not bad.  I like writing, so I have a few blogs.  However, I could write at least three books and that I leave on the side.  I could fix up the inside of the house, but I do the least.  I could help my wife launch a second career, but I haven’t.

In this case, I can see how lazy I am.  Unfortunately, because I am comfortable it would seem that I am not motivated to go the extra mile.  If my wife ‘made me’ I am sure I would do it, but why does that have to happen and why put her in that place?  I rarely rest or lie down, rarely watch TV and rarely feel I am wasting my time, but when I measure productivity – I am not where I should be.  I probably am doing the things I want to do as opposed to doing what I need to do.

If I started on my books, maybe if I hit a hard financial spell in a couple of years, the books could be providing me with some revenue.  Maybe if I bought the tools to fix the house, I could be a handyman from time to time.  Maybe if my wife became successful in her second career it would ease some of the financial concerns.  Now things are looking different.  Time to take a look at the ant again.





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