Do we go around purposefully telling lies.  Probably not, but when it comes to delivering something we want, it seems the little white lies are plentiful and in some ways we do not even notice that we are doing it – in some fashion, the end justifies the means.

Still remember a meeting that I had initiated that brought together the main denominations found in Egypt.  Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics.  The key driver was a very wealthy doctor.  The doctor became increasingly bored with the direction of our meetings because he wanted to get right to the point – raising money for work in Egypt.  He saw no need to build relationships.  In one meeting he surprised me – he turn his head to me so that his face was invisible to the non-Protestant members and said a very manipulative thought and began winking at me.  He wanted me to go along and push the members towards his desired outcome.  The rest of the meeting I turned my head away from his face and just concentrated on the other side of the room.  He left the group and we raised a lot of money together and many of us become good friends.

There is a law in God’s world, what you give gets reciprocated.  Deception is not a gift I want back multiplied.




Deception detection: how to tell if someone is lying



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