Locked in your heart

locked in your heart

From time to time I run into the kind of people who have received an inventory of wise sayings and thoughts from their parents or other significant family members.  It is amazing to watch the wisdom unravel as they began their own journey to experience and see the wisdom of their parents take place in their own lives as they practiced what they had been taught.  I never had parents like that, but I did have others – coaches, teachers, pastors, mentors.  It all starts the same way – they teach, we practice and then we know.

These then become our guiding principles that lead, protect and advise.  They are a shining light that still helps to correct our path from time to time as they continue to teach us how to live.

Guys, what is strong enough to keep us away from bad women, seductive words of other men’s wives, beauty and flirting eyes?  If we were taught well – we could hire a prostitute for a certain set price, but adultery is not a cost, it takes everything we have and leaves us with nothing.




Churchill “Lock Your Heart Down” (Summer Edit) Premiere

What ‘Guarding Your Heart’ Actually Means



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