Danger signs


Can you imagine trying to carry hot coals or walk on hot coals without getting burned?

It is just as dangerous as walking outside the path that God has charted for you.  If we mess up, we will suffer.

What happens when you hear about a thief?  What happens when you hear that the thief was stealing food so that they could eat?  I think we move from despising to forgiving and yet, even so, the judgement is a multiplication of a certain amount to pay back what was stolen.  But what if there was nothing you could do in regards to paying back?  What if your decision means that the punishment is giving up everything you have?  Are you ready to destroy yourself by stepping out of way God has called you towards?  What will be the cost?  Dishonour, beaten up, permanently disgraced, revenge by the one trespassed – all the above and much more – death is painful when you go it alone.

There are signs along the way that suggest you are going to far – make sure you pay attention to at least one of them.







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