Pay attention

pay attention

Only a parent or a teacher who expects outcomes can understand what it means to instruct others to pay attention.  It is simply because they have lived a life that is full.  In that life they have failed at times to pay attention and the cost associated with that has been dear and cannot possibly be forgotten.  To help the younger generation, they beg them to pay attention,, stayed focused and do not check out.

You see, we cannot see it, but there is a battle taking place as to who will win our heart.  The older ones who have experienced this struggle know what it means and they try to instill critical thinking skill sets into the younger generation.  It is the wandering eye, heart, hand, mind and foot that ruins the very best of us.  In fact, the very best of us are the ones who are targeted to make sure we fail and ultimately and very unfortunately meet our death.

When we say that we are no longer interested in being children of God and instead to choose to a home that is not the home where Christ dwells – if you wanted to die separated from God, you have just taken the short cut to death.




Pay Attention

paying attention



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