Your life is in danger


What does temptation look like to someone who is watching you go through it?  It must be amazing to be able to analyze a person’s emotions and to watch the scenario being played out in front of the eyes of an objective person.

Of course the tempted one is seeing everything from a different angle and is not doing so well.  At first they are strong and after many passes, begins to weaken.  At first you are strong when you are with others, but somehow when you find yourself alone, you are not so strong.  At first you found yourself feeling good because you normally walked during the day and it was light – easy to see the pain of sin.  Then you found yourself walking around at night – night-light made everything look more beautiful.  At first, everything was based on sight – there was no connection.  Then the touch happened – a connection made, a commitment given – now all that was left was to fulfill the commitment and fall to the temptation.  The scene is right – you are no longer passing by, you are standing and waiting – you are alone and it is dark.

The outcome is not so good – sounds like your soul is going to suffer, your heart will hurt when you realize that you walked right into a trap – you have no idea that your life is in danger.







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