Wisdom does come calling – it calls out to us in our reasoning, it calls from afar and up close and right in the middle of the crossroads of our life.  Wisdom calls us even from our association with the world and the marketplaces we find ourselves in.  Wisdom reaches out from every aspect of our life, so how do we listen and hear its voice?  Wisdom calls to every single person on earth – how do we hear its call?

Well, if you were immature, you would learn to be mature.  If you are foolish, you would learn to have sense.  If you can’t hear, learn to listen.

It starts with hearing the voice of God through His Word – they are not black and white words, they are life and they are living.  One thing, you do not need to discern whether they are deceptive or inaccurate – they are all right and they are absolute truth.  You will not ever be  misled and you will not find a false statement or lie.

To the person who has spent years listening for the call of God, they have insight and are well-informed about the things of God.  Everything is clear and everything speaks plainly.  To such a person they would rather receive instruction from God than silver and knowledge than the finest gold.






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