I am wisdom


There is nothing I can want that can compare with wisdom.  A disciple (which is what a Christian is) is a “student” – a follower who is a learner. When you become a Christian, you become a life-time-learner. Here’s one of the blunt truths of Christianity: it’s school for the rest of your life. To many that sounds like drudgery, but to those taught of the Spirit, school is good. The acquisition of wisdom can be difficult and trying, but the dividends – the rewards, could hardly be higher.

Wisdom is having insight, knowledge and sound judgement.  Wisdom goes beyond knowledge, understanding, and discernment. Wisdom is to exercise sound judgment based on these to pursue a proper course of action. The Bible terms as wisdom (hokma) various skills and abilities, including skill in spinning (Ex. 35:25), tailoring (Ex. 28:3), engraving and embroidering (Ex. 35:35), goldsmithing (Jer. 10:9), solving riddles (Pro. 1:6) and soothsaying (Gen. 41:8), as well as the ability to work as a military strategist or statesman (Isa. 10:13; 29:14; Jer. 49:7), architect (Ex. 35:30 – 36:1), or sailor (Ezek. 27:8). Over and above all of these exercises of wisdom, the greatest wisdom known to Scripture is found in the skill of living well. True wisdom is to perceive the nature of this world as created by God and to live in accord with it. In other words, wisdom is getting tuned into God’s frequency for life and living in that frequency

To honour God is to hate evil, pride, arrogance, evil ways and false words.  Wisdom promises a great deal. It promises to make the immature mature and to make the foolish wise. It claims to be well-informed and plain to those who think clearly. It is more valuable than gold or silver. Wisdom gives wealth to those who love it, filling their houses with treasures.






I am wisdom – St John Fisher Catholic Church, North Harrow, London (Compton organ)

I am wisdom, I am understanding

The Call of Wisdom





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