Wisdom’s testimony

wisdom's testimony

Not only does Wisdom make plans, they are carried out.  Wisdom possesses understanding and comes with strength.

Presidents and Prime Ministers are helped by Wisdom as they govern and helps rulers make good laws.  Every ruler on earth governs with Wisdom’s help including statesmen and noblemen alike.

Wisdom loves those who love Wisdom – whoever looks for Wisdom will find Wisdom.

There are riches and honour that Wisdom wants to give including prosperity and success.  What Wisdom will give will be better than the finest gold and better than the purest silver.

Wisdom’s walk is right and follows the paths of justice.

The first creation – the first of the works of God long ago, made in the beginning before the world began, before the oceans or springs of water, before the mountains and hills, and before the fields or soil – was Wisdom.





A godly father passing on Wisdom’s urgent testimony!



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