In our home, the word ‘stupid’ was never allowed to be used as a noun labelling any person or calling them out as their new name.  It was not all that easy as the world was free in using it as many times as possible.

However, in context of wisdom, what does the actions that would be described with the adjective of stupidity look like.

If wisdom is quite and soft-spoken – then stupidity is loud, ignorant and shamelessly boorish.

If wisdom gives you a moment at a door in your life that you have choose whether you enter or not – your decision is made through contemplation and prayer.  If you are standing at the door in a moment of stupidity, you do not think or hesitate, your instantly want to be gratified no matter what the cost of the pleasure.

I play chess. A game of strategy.  If I ever let my emotions get the better of me in a game, checkmate is not far off.  If I stay calm, confident and continue to think at least 5 moves ahead, there is a good chance I can recover from mistakes I had previously made.  It would be a move of stupidity on my part if I immediately resigned or began to move my pieces belligerently around the board – a loss in disgrace.

Maybe I am too simple in saying that wisdom gives you a chance at life.  Stupidity ignores the fact that those who have gone that way before have never returned – they have already entered the world of the dead as soon as they entered the door.





The power of stupidity




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