Good people and hard work


Not quite sure any of us understand what a good person looks like.  The only one who could know would be God as He sees the heart and is not moved by any outward appearances.  The heart is where truth lies.  What is amazing is that a lot of people in the world who do not know God are good.  In fact, I have people around me that are truly very good people and I learn everyday what good means by being around them.

My dad was such a person.  Can’t say that an abusive father is good, but I see so many good things come out of him, including myself.  There is a proverb that says that good people will not go hungry.  If any family had the opportunity to go hungry, it was ours.  We were always close to the edge.  I never remembered going to a food bank, there was always someone, at the right time, who would make sure we had something to eat.  When they were not around, God made it happen.  The experiences have become my testimony.  They all started when I was in my 8th month in my mother’s womb.

On the other hand, how do you recognize a wicked person.  They seem to have whatever they want and have it in spades.  How do you recognize a wicked person?  I have always said that I have never met a ‘Christian’ life insurance salesman.  Others have said that there is no such thing as a ‘Christian’ person who is rich – there is too much wickedness in their life to sustain a walk with God. I know that God keeps other things away from them that they want, just so they know they can’t have everything.

You can’t be lazy – good or wicked.  Laziness makes you poor.  So there is a fine line – are you hungry because you are lazy?  Are you poor because you are good?  Amazing news when God instructs us not to judge but only to love.  I think we would mess up this whole thing because of our inability to see the heart.

Hard work does make you rich – how do you keep from getting wicked?  Again, so easy to judge or how easy to overlook wickedness if we are recipients of wealth from such persons.

Summary – God does not let good people go hungry and makes sure the wicked do not get everything they want.  Being lazy will make you poor, and hard work will make you rich.







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