Listen to correction

Listen to correction

If we want to live, listen to those offering correction – danger is only coming to those who will not admit they are wrong.

A truly wise person realizes that they don’t know everything. They listen. They reflect. They know that their worth is not tied to being right. It is better to do the right thing than to be right, while you do the wrong thing.

God uses discipline as a last resort. If all God needed to justify people to Himself was a bigger cattle-prod, then Christ died for nothing! No, God’s plan for the earth is love first, discipline last. To get us to listen and repent, He will use deep conviction, the rebuke of friends, coincident sermons, the quickening of Scripture, and every other means before disciplining us. But if we resist God’s Spirit of light and mercy, we are promised therod of correction. When God disciplines, the punishment fits the crime. Time and again, we realize that we cannot get away with unrepentant sin. God is sculpting us into holy vessels, and the process can be painful.







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