Getting what you want


Have you noticed that those who live right with God usually get what they want.  Getting what you want is a mouthful for a follower of Christ because we all are on different stages in our walk with God and so you will find a different understanding of that expression from each person.  However, I know the new follower just beginning their journey are filled with testimony of God giving them what they want and I know of seasoned followers, well on their journey saying the same thing.  Yet they will both define these differently.

On the other hand, those who reject God seem to get what they fear most.  Again, different meaning for each part of the journey.  Earlier on you an only fear that you are going to lose everything you just gained and at the end of your journey you realize you cannot take anything with you and that spurs you on to think just where are you going after you die and how have you prepared yourself for your time on earth ending.

So with these two scenarios it is no wonder that when storms come, those who do not know God are blown away, and those who know God are always safe.







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