The test is in your speech

the test is in youir speech

Why do we speak ill of others, what comes over us that we need to scorn and bring down someone else making us in the end look very foolish.  If we are smart at all, we will keep quiet.

“We who have a voice should speak for the voiceless” — Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador

As soon as we cross the line and gossip, that should be the warning signs to everyone that we cannot be trusted with a secret.  A trustworthy person that you can put your confidence in has already proven their ability to control their speech.

Many leaders fail to appreciate that their actions speak louder than their words. Self-awareness is critically important. If you were to write two or three key messages you believe you send with your behaviour and then seek advice from key subordinates and advisors who directly observe your behavior, you may be able to answer this question: is there a “disconnect” between the messages you wish to send and those you are in fact sending?











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