Do not get financially involved


If you make a promise to pay a stranger’s debt, you will regret it.  You are better off if you do not get involved.

The guarantor who is surety for a stranger will smart for it. Literally, it means to be badly hurt by it. The hurt is financial, material, emotional, spiritual and mental. Their entire life will be hurt by this foolish act of becoming a surety for a stranger. The stranger has no relationship with the guarantor. Why would the guarantor then take over the stranger’s debts or faults or sins? This kind of hurt will ruin reputation and lives. Their family will also be badly affected by their foolishness.   Antithetical parallelism is used here to contrast the different actions and consequences. If the person hates being a surety, he is declared to be sure, i.e. safe and secure. They have peace of mind. Their possessions, mind and heart are all at peace with God. Their life is not in the hands of a stranger but in God’s. The believer has to hate suretyship to avoid getting themself into a dilemma. It is not a matter of showing compassion. Compassion has to be based upon truth. Without truth, it becomes a misguided sentiment.








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