Women and Money

women and money

A woman without any virtue at all is a disgrace because even if her only strength was graciousness, she would be respected.  Every young woman should emphasize graciousness and virtue above other objectives in her life.

A lazy man may never have money, but do not judge a man to be lazy or aggressive because of the substance of their wealth.

Pip is proud to take the inherited money (as he thinks) of his adoptive fairy godmother but has a horror of his real benefactor. And yet Magwitch has, by hard work in an honest occupation, earned the wealth to make a gentleman of his “boy”. Pip has, in fact, got exactly what he has wished for. When Pip meets Magwitch his snobbish distaste for the convict (for which Magwitch does not at all blame him) is only slightly restrained by recognition of what the man has risked for him. He does, to his credit, feel it his duty to help Magwitch escape and resigns himself to being his companion.  — Great Expectations







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