To choose evil is to have the Lord hate you for making such a choice – He loves those who choose right.  Expect to be punished for rejecting His love.

If God exists, why is there evil in the world? You know, this is a difficult stumbling block and question for many people. The simplest way to look at this question is to look at God’s nature and His desire for people. Look at the logic. God loves us and wants us to love Him back. And how could we love Him back unless we have the freedom to not love?  God could have made us like robots who do nothing more than say, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” But we’d be forced to do that and that wouldn’t be real love. Love is a choice. And if you have a choice you have to be able to choose not to love and that in itself is the nature of evil. Evil is choosing not to love. So when God gave us the freedom to choose, He gave us not only our greatest blessing, but He also gave us our greatest curse because we can choose to do right or choose to do wrong.  The reason there’s evil in the world is not because of God, but because God gave us the freedom to choose. Now the potential for love outweighs the existence of evil, because you see, evil is only going to exist for a short time, but love is going to go on forever. And all the suffering and all the death that we see in the world today are the result of people choosing to make wrong choices.







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