A wife and her husband

a wife and her husband

A good wife will be her husband’s pride and joy but a wife who brings shame on her husband has the similar effect of cancer in the bone.

The husband’s pride and joy because she brings glory and honour to him.  A great wife honours her husband by the pleasure and esteem she brings him.  A strong, noble, virtuous wife is a reminder to others of the qualities — not just of her character — but also of his character, that he was able to win such a wonderful woman.

In contrast – the contentious imperious, extravagant, perhaps unfaithful, wife – who in seeking the enjoyment of her conduct forgets her proper place.  She seeks the admiration of others, instead of being satisfied with her husband’s – this is indeed a living disease – rottenness in his bones, marring his usefulness, undermining his happiness, perhaps driving him into temptation, and “a snare of the devil.”




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