It starts early in life


Children who pay attention when their parents correct them will be wise – watch out for the ones who did not – they will be the arrogant adults who never admit they are wrong.

If your child does not yet know Christ, you can be sure that his sinful behaviour is either leading them to become increasingly  more creative in how they rationalizes their sin to themself and to others or they are sinking more deeply into a sense of self-condemnation  which can lead to feelings of worthlessness.   Both of these trends can lead a child to abandon the faith of their parents.  What is critical in raising children God’s way is to speak truth to a child from an early age.  Expose your child to the righteous standards of God in the Bible by showing them the high and holy ways of God.  Many parents, fearing that their children will feel either condemned or frustrated by these high standards take the easier road of lowering their expectations for their children.  Rather then lowering the standards which certainly do not please God it would bring greater glory to Him if we taught our children how to live righteous lives in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.  Therefore do not hesitate to expose your child’s sin by having clear rules in your home and consistently upholding them.  However, when you do expose your child’s sin be sure to explain to them at the same time God’s remedy for sin in the blood of Christ and lead them to go before God and confess their sins and receive His forgiveness.  As you help your child in facing their own sinfulness and learning how to clear their conscience before God you are teaching them the ways of God’s wisdom and they will grow closer to God and to you.




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