Respect and peace


Messengers who are unreliable can cause trouble – only those who can be trusted bring peace.  Take Islam for instance – here we land at the centre of the problem — a centre we have spent the last decade and a half trying to avoid: Islam is not a peaceful religion. No religion is, but Islam is especially not. It is certainly not, as some ill-informed people say, solely a religion of war. There are many peaceful verses in the Quran which — luckily for us — most Muslims live by. But it is by no means only a religion of peace.

So if you do not learn, expect to be poor and disgraced, for only those who listen to correction are respected.  Good manners are a very essential characteristic of religion also, as well as a fundamental part of civilization; and we are all in duty bound to treat those with whom we come in contact, with consideration, respect and deference.

Compare those who refuse to turn away from the wrong path to those who continue get what they want – choice between evil and good doesn’t look that tough.

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.  – Mark Caine




Different religious leaders demand peace and respect



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