Careful or careless

careful or careless

Sensible people will watch their step, are careful and will stay out of trouble while others believe anything, are careless and act too quickly.

It should be clear that sin have both a physical and a spiritual part. It is impossible to separate the two, any more than separating body and spirit.  Even when we break so-called “physical” laws, there is always a spiritual side and attitude involved — a drunk driver, for example, is breaking the heart of God which condemns drunkenness, but they are also damaging directly their own body and health by their heavy drinking. The sin of intoxication may be accompanied by the sin of rebellion, neglect, carelessness, lack of concern for others, and stubbornness.

Smart has holy fear. It is afraid of coming near the borders of sin or dallying with the beginnings of it. A wise man, for fear of harm, keeps out of harms way and backs out from temptation.




Quote of the Day: Carefully Careless



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