The wise


The wise learned to accept their parents correction and they are free to share with knowledge with others.

For parents today – obviously, negative risk taking should be discouraged, such as smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. In addition, there will be times our young people do need our help, or affirmation. But—healthy teens are going to want to spread their wings. They’ll need to try things on their own. Affirm smart risk-taking and hard work wisely. Help them see the advantage of both, and that stepping out a comfort zone usually pays off.

The opposite is true of those who foolishly ignored their parents teachings and the little they know is not enough to share with anyone.

I think this is what it looks like today, as an adult, if you chose not to listen to your parents leading – you might be ethical, somewhat attractive, intelligent and a hard worker and yet you find yourself asking this question over and over – why don’t I deserve a good life?

That opens the floodgates to finding a reason to attack yourself.  “What’s wrong with me??  I have no right to feel this way.  I have had plenty of opportunities to get my life straight. I need to quit making it all about me. I am so selfish, no wonder nobody likes me.” After a while, you just stop talking about this stuff and you accept that you are just one of the many cursed people out there who maybe, at some point, a long time ago, were foolish enough to believe that you were somehow special or worthy. You will then say in your head, “I’m not like everyone else. That’s just not me. Don’t expect anything. Who do I think I am? Stupid.” Over and over again, hoping to finally stop fighting it and accept your fate on every level. But if I truly accepted it, it wouldn’t hurt as much as it does.

I think the human spirit must be more resilient than we give it credit for. It keeps fighting to break free of this bondage. Sounds crazy to those who haven’t experienced the debilitating and devastating effects of this disorder but it’s all too real, unfortunately. It sounds like complete self-absorption – believe me, as a Christian we are plagued with guilt and shame about that too. Our faith wavers because we don’t know how to pull ourself out of this pit and the disorder tells us that we don’t even deserve a good relationship with God, so how can we possibly expect Him to help us? So we even hide from God, because He must be so ashamed of us. But if (in our eyes) we don’t deserve God’s help, if therapists shouldn’t really care about us and if we don’t have what it takes to help ourselves, how do we break this cycle?







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