What would you give up for peace?

what would you give up for peace

I agree that it would be better to eat a dry crust of bread with peace of mind than have a banquet in a house full of trouble.

A cake eaten in peace is better than two in trouble.

Wenn meh Frauen im Hus as Ofen, so ist kein Friden drin. (Swiss.) [When there are more women than ovens in a house there is no peace there.]

Bon vi, bon pa, la pas in ca, Se el fioca, lassa fioca. [With good wine, good bread, and peace at home, If snow does come, let it come.]

Un po’di pane, un uovo fresco e un sorso di vino: il sermento è delle viti. [A little bread, a new egg, and a drink of wine make a peaceful life.]

Vale più un tozzo di pane secco con la pace, che esser ricco. [Better a crust of bread with peace than to be rich.]

Paz y pan. [Peace and bread.]





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