A good test

a good test

Some history has shown us and then those written stories transferred to some of the movies we have seen that a shrewd employee can gain authority over an employer’s worthless son and even receive a part of the inheritance.

Man has learned much about the material universe. Nearly everything has
been analyzed and classified. Man weighs, measures, tests, and in others
ways scrupulously determines the fitness of every bit of material that
goes into a machine before it is built. There are scientific ways of
selecting cattle, horses, and even hogs for particular purposes.
Purchasing departments of great commercial and industrial institutions
maintain laboratories for the determination, with mathematical exactitude,
of the qualifications and fitness to requirements of all kinds of
materials, tools and equipment. And yet, when it comes to the choice of
his own life work, the guidance of his children in their vocations, or the
selection of employees and co-workers, the average man decides the entire
matter by almost any other consideration than scientifically determined
fitness. He takes counsel with personal prejudices, with customs and
traditions, with pride, or with fear--or he leaves the decision to mere
guess-work, or even chance.

When it comes to testing a person’s heart, fire may be good for testing gold and silver but only God can test the heart.





Are you a good person?



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