When you are wronged

When We've been Wronged (2)

This is something important if you want people to like you – forgive them when they wrong you – remembering the wrong can break up a friendship. An intelligent person will learn more from one rebuke than someone else who might learn after being beaten a hundred times.  I am afraid that death will come like a cruel messenger to those people who decide to always stir up trouble.

Whether I’m right and it’s not a sin or I’m wrong and it is, we as Christians need to be loving and forgiving of one another (as Paul said in Romans 12). Whichever of us is the “weaker brother” and whichever is the “stronger brother,” we should always be patient with the other and recognize that it’s actually okay that there be disagreement among us when it comes to certain superficial things. Like Paul said with regard to food sacrificed to idols, we may not agree on certain things (cursing, drinking, earrings, tattoos, Harry Potter, etc) but we should not let those things cause division within the body of Christ. It’s more important that we love one another than we exercise the God-given freedom that we have. We should be accepting of each other even in our differences. A faith can be immature and still be authentic.


What Do You Do If You Are Wronged?

What to Do When You’ve Been Wronged

Responding Rightly When You’re Wronged




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