You may hate them but you cannot live without them – so help them out as much as you can for they will protect you like a strong wall — if not, I you decide to quarrel with them instead, they will close their doors to you.

We all like to be validated. Some people like it more than others, but everyone wants to be respected and appreciated to some degree. I certainly do. I know that when I choose to take a risk and share my work with the world, I wonder about what my friends will think, what my family will think, and how the people around me will see me because of that choice. Will this help my reputation? Will this hurt my reputation? Should I even be worrying about my reputation?

Life is beautiful and for those who don’t think so hold on it will get better!! You see that life can and are beautiful!! Don’t give up we all love you and want to see you succeed to your fullest potential in life. STAY STRONG and fight with me as family and friends do!!










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