I think that no one expects immature people to live in luxury or for servants to somehow find their way in leadership over countries.  So maybe we should stick to sensible expectations like controlling our temper or when someone wrongs us that we ignore it.  Expectations come in extremes sometimes – expect from the same person anger that resembles the roar of a lion and then favour that comes like welcome rain.

I see God’s plan for our lives like a map. The Father has a perfect plan for our lives and a perfect eternal destination. As we adventure through this journey GPS (God’s perfect-guiding system – The Holy Spirit) gently speaks (like the voice on GPS when you are driving) go left or go right each day of this great journey called life. The Bible conveys a detailed specific Father who cares about every detail of His child’s life. He does not expect us to find our own way home or plan out every detail of our lives because He knows as finite human beings we are helplessly lost without Him.







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