Timing is everything

timing is everything

One thinks of the farmer too lazy to ploy their fields at the right time and because of that has nothing to harvest.  The cold, rainy season in this part of the world is the time when the fields need to be plowed.  The cold rainy season isn’t ideal, but it IS the time to plow. That is the only opportunity the farmer has. If you wait until the cold, rainy season is over, it might be more comfortable outside to plow, but it’s too late.  By then, the window of opportunity is over. You won’t have time for your crops to grow. Some jobs have to be done when they have to be done.

One thinks of that person whose thoughts are like water in a deep well and it takes someone with insight and the right timing to draw them out.  At the end of the day, the best inspirational quotes are the ones that work for you.  Only you know what lifts you up and which words of wisdom help you the most.   After all, you are ultimately your most important meaning maker and filter for this lifetime.  And you are the one that always holds the key to unlocking and unleashing what you’re capable of.

On the other hand, everyone talks about a person who they say is loyal and faithful but when you think about it, given the right timing, who really is? It is rare to find faithful people. People who can be counted on, people who are consistent, people who are dependable. There is very little commitment today in our society. We’re in a generation now that doesn’t want to commit to anything. They don’t want to be committed to a business. They don’t want to be committed to a church. They don’t want to be committed to their marriage. We live with disposable relationships. Faithfulness is a term you don’t even hear very much today. It’s not a commonly used term. I thought about when you use the term “faithful”. About the only time it’s used is when you refer to your dog – my old dog or my old car or my old wife. It’s reserved for retirement parties. That’s really about the only time you use this word. “Twenty-five years of faithful service” and you give the guy a gold watch. It’s not a quality that’s highly valued in our society.





Why Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything






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