We cannot hide

we cannot hide from ourselves

If we are doing something wrong, the discerning around us will find out eventually and it is in the finding and not the giving up our ourselves that will have us punished without pity.  It is because we have been created with a mind and a conscience that we know we cannot even hide from ourselves.

I ran across this quote from Nietzsche that I found quite interesting —

Where science is not the most recently appearing form of the ascetic ideal and then it’s a matter of cases too rare, noble, and exceptional to counter the general judgment science today is a hiding place for all kinds of unhappiness, disbelief, gnawing worms, despectio sui [self-contempt], bad conscience. It is the anxiety of the absence of ideals, suffering from the lack of a great love, the dissatisfaction with a condition of involuntary modest content. Oh, what nowadays does science not conceal! How much, at least, is it designed to conceal! The efficiency of our best scholars, their mindless diligence, their heads smoking day and night, the very mastery of their handiwork how often has all this derived its meaning from the fact that they don’t permit some things to become visible to them any more! Science as a means of putting themselves to sleep. (On the Genealogy of Morals, 23)

Again, this quote from Nietzsche was also intriguing —

There are men who are unavoidably intellectual, let them turn and twist themselves as they will, and hold their hands before their treacherous eyes—as though the hand were not a betrayer; it always comes out at last that they have something which they hide—namely, intellect. One of the subtlest means of deceiving, at least as long as possible, and of successfully representing oneself to be stupider than one really is—which in everyday life is often as desirable as an umbrella,—is called ENTHUSIASM, including what belongs to it, for instance, virtue. For as Galiani said, who was obliged to know it: VERTU EST ENTHOUSIASME.





“You Can’t Hide” (1966) Dr. C. J. Johnson

John Stott to Pastors: We Cannot Hide What We Are

Quotes About Being Yourself

“…But He Can’t Hide”






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