Patience and persuasion

patient persuasion

Patient persuasion can break down the strongest resistance and can even convince those in authority above you.

Solomon’s insight on how to deal with difficult people in positions of authority is not limited to the office setting alone. It works in marriage too. There is a way to get your message across to your spouse without being perceived as disrespectful and without getting a deafening silence on your request. Remember, when dealing with your spouse, how you say what you say is more important than what you say.  Be patient and gentle in your speech. Your communication becomes irresistible when the love of God rules your heart. It is a law that is as certain as gravity

Often people need time. Time to learn a new skill, to let go of an unresourceful habit, or simply time to open up and express their true feelings and needs. When others feel that they are not being rushed, hurried or forced into something by others, this naturally brings about a feeling of comfort and calm within their body and mind. It is better to ask a person questions that will lead them to find their own motivation and answers, and not to instruct or lecture them about the possible solutions.





What Doctors Can Teach You About Patience and Persuasion in Sales

Patience in Persuasion and Science




2 thoughts on “Patience and persuasion

    • question – have you ever rejected someone who was trying to win you? If you have, you know what that was like and pursue from a position of respect that would garner respect back. Once you have respect, respect turns to appreciation, appreciation to like and like to winning over.


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