Living with unreliable


If you have ever been falsely accused or if you found out that you falsely accused someone else, you know how it feels – it’s as deadly as a sword, club or sharp arrow.

The Bible says in Titus 1:2: “God never lies.” Some of your translations will say, “God cannot lie.” God is only truthful. God is always truthful. God is altogether truthful. There is nothing in God’s character that is untrustworthy or unreliable. There’s no deception. There’s no dishonesty in God at all.  Jesus says of Satan in John 8 that he’s a liar, that he’s the father of all lies. So, when you are lying, you are giving birth with Satan to death. And he says that lying is his native language.

If you have depended on someone who is that unreliable or if you have been that unreliable person, you know that in a crisis – it was like trying to chew with loose teeth or walk with a crippled foot.

In times of trouble, we need faithful people around us.  It could be friends.  It could be those who are trying to help us get out of this situation.  The point is if we are putting our trust in unfaithful people, we end up hurting ourselves! The point of this proverb is to think about who we want “around us” in tough times! Think about who will be helpful and who will do us harm.

What’s the least reliable monetization in Westerns? Something that can be forged over years of developing friendships. It can make a character feel secure, but the wisest know it’s a false security and a fool’s game to depend on. It is loyalty, justice.




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