Like, reminds and so is

 like, remind and like so

Hearing some good news after a long time of nothing is like a drink of cold water when you are dry and thirsty.

A good person who gives in to someone who is evil reminds you of a polluted spring or a poisoned well. Run from anything that stimulates youthful lust. Follow anything that makes you want to do right. Pursue faith and love and peace, and enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.  Compromise may relieve our circumstances – but defiles our spirit. When we stand up for Jesus, we are also standing up for ourselves. When we resist compromise under pressure we purify ourselves and receive great reward. The Romans may have come and gone but pressures and persecutions remain. It’s a serious thing to be a Christian leader. You have a charge. Now keep it in the sight of God.

Too much honey is bad for you, and so is trying to win too much praise. Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment!”  People who brag about themselves or constantly fish for compliments might not have big egos at all. If they were secure in their self-worth, there’d be no need to keep proving it. Showing off might be a cry for approval from others. Unfortunately, it generally has the opposite effect.





These animals are so grateful to the rescuers who saved them. This reminds me why I love humanity.



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