Control anger

tumblr_inline_nnxb62L7iR1tr1lqn_540 anger-is-a-momentary-madnessso-control-your-passion-or-it-will-control-you control anger

 If you cannot control your anger, you are helpless, open to attack.

If to Freud all defense mechanisms exist to protect the personality from an intolerable attack of anxiety when the ego is under siege, it’s strange that he never considered anger as serving this pivotal psychological function. But to regard an essential human emotion as mainly designed to safeguard an individual from another, much more distressful emotion, is hardly a line of reasoning Freud might have been expected to follow. Anger is almost never a primary emotion in that even when anger seems like an instantaneous, knee-jerk reaction to provocation, there’s always some other feeling that gave rise to it. And this particular feeling is precisely what the anger has contrived to camouflage or control.

It is not in God’s purpose to eliminate the ability to get angry. He put it in us to begin with. All anger is not bad. Sometimes it’s good for us to get angry. Anger in itself is neither good or bad. It’s why we get angry and how we express it that determines if it’s good or bad, healthy or unhealthy anger. God has given us His Word and His Spirit to work in us to enable us to harness and take control over our anger so it becomes a positive and not a negative force in our life.




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